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Yes, you can sell your stuff on Ebay and Craigslist but we give you cash today! Do you really want strangers coming to your house to haggle over your stuff or waste an afternoon listing and packaging your stuff??


There is no limit to the amount you can bring us. We will even help you unload those heavy boxes of records. Save the garage sale for clothes and bring the media to us for more $$$$$!    



What Do We Buy?

Everything we sell, we buy. These items include CDs, Vinyl, Blu-rays, DVDs, Gaming Units (big & small), Video Games, iPods, iPads, GPS Units and more! Do you have something you’re not quite sure if we would buy? Call or just bring it in, until we see it, we may not have an idea what to pay.





The price we pay, depends on the condition of the item and our stock on hand. We generally don’t give prices over the phone so bring your stuff in. You can even load up an entire box of stuff, drop it off, do some errands and come back at your convenience.

What Do We Pay?

Congratulations!   You just found the best store in Holland, Michigan to buy and sell your Rock & Roll CD collections as well as your movie collections, Game Units, and video games.   If you are looking for something special please give us a call. Our inventory changes every day!.



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